Items that are prohibited from being listed

This article provides information on items that are not allowed to be listed on the site. 

Posting Rules: 

As a user you must comply with the following rules when posting a Listing:

All Listings must be in good taste and may not contain any objectionable content (including, but not limited to, direct requests for money, gifts, or other items (without an exchange for a good or service), pranks, profanity, defamation, inappropriate images, inappropriate language, etc.), as determined by Operator in its sole discretion.

The following items are prohibited from being listed: 

  1. Massage services
  2. Adult goods or services

  3.  Firearms or bump stocks

  4. The sale or trade of recalled Items.The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) of 2008 made it illegal for anyone to sell recalled products, even in yard sales or thrift shops.

  5. Tobacco related products, Including but not limited to; cigarettes, cigars, vaping devices, etc.

  6. Used Oil.  Listings for used motor oil are in breach of Rule R315-15 of the Utah Administrative Code. This code prohibits the selling of used oil, mixtures of used oil or hazardous waste.

  7. Prescription or Alcoholic Items, including but not limited to; medications, alcoholic beverages, oxygen tanks, CPAP or BIPAP machines, Aspirators, etc.

  8. Any Illegal Items

All Listings must be for goods or services that are permitted under Utah law. You are responsible for the content of your Listing. Listings may not contain, in Operator's sole discretion, information of a religious, political or non-commercial nature.

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