Suspended Account

This article will instruct Customer Experience Specialists on how to handle a Zendesk ticket related to a suspended account and provide an SOP to come to a solution this request 

Review Practices 

  • Select the ticket 
  • Review the comments left by the user that submitted the request.
  • Open OSS by following this link
  • Inside of OSS select “Member Tab”
  • Select “Email” underneath the search function
  • Copy the User email from the Zendesk and paste into search bar and select “Search” 
  • Thoroughly review the administrative notes for historical details associated with the account and to verify account suspension
  • Go back to Zendesk and fill out the following ticket fields:
    • Assignee: If not already in your name put it into your name 
    • Form: CX
    • Type: Question
    • Source: Input web, app or not defined depending on the request type
    • Category: Login/Password Requests-A
    • Priority: Normal (In the future this section will be built out further) 
    • Notes: Input MID associated with User
  • Select “Public Reply” and input your message to the user
    • Ex. Thank you for contacting KSL Customer Support! Your account has been suspended for (the following reasons) I’m happy to reinstate your account for you, I just need you to verify the phone number and address listed on your KSL account!” 
  • After everything is updated at the bottom right corner of ticket submit as Pending: 
  • Go to OSS select “Add New Entry” and fill out the notation template information housed below in “Account Notation and Tracking” 
  • After the user confirms account information, navigate back to the user account in OSS
  • Select the “Edit” button in the Members tab 
  • Enter a new password and change the account status back to “Normal.” (Inside of Zendesk you can select the lock icon below the reply section to generate a password)
  • Submit password twice
  • Compose a resolution to the user inside of public reply that contains the new password with steps to personalize and submit a password upon login. 
  • Be aware that account suspension should only be removed if correlated with account takeovers or the issue previously related to the account has been resolved. 


 You’re done!

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