How to Be a Safe/ Effective Seller

This article will instruct you on things that you can do to be the most effective seller, while ensuring you are safe and do not get involved with potential scams. 

The following action will help your listing stand out and attract more buyers:  

  • Pictures are free, use them. Listings that have pictures are much more likely to be viewed as they help to build confidence in the buyer. 
    • If you are using a manufacturer's picture or one that does not depict the actual item, please say so in your ad description.
  • Post all relevant information age, model numbers, manufacturer, etc. The more relevant information you have in the listing the better. 
  • Reply promptly to reputable offers.
  • Be honest. Do not represent your item as something it is not. Make sure the buyer knows what they are getting.
  • Use spell check on your posting. Proper grammar and spelling help promote confidence in buyers. 
  • Post a reasonable price.

The following actions will help you to stay safe when selling items 

  • Always verify payment before concluding the deal. Cash or local cashiers checks should be safest. Make sure the bank verifies that the check is valid. If in doubt, wait for the check to clear.
  • Always  print a copy of the ad for your records.
  • Make sure the terms of the sale are clear; go with the buyer and have a simple contract notarized at a bank if necessary.
  • Meet buyers in person, and be cautious of anyone outright refusing to call or be called on the telephone. 
  • If possible bring someone with you to pick up the product. 

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